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Most companies throughout their life refresh IT equipment, however are unsure how to dispose of the obsolete equipment.
IT equipment should never be disposed of in the general rubbish, where it ends up in landfill. Furthermore most equipment can be recycled at a component level and contains substances that could potentially leech into environment if not disposed of correctly.

IT E-Waste provides easy and cost effective solution to equipment disposal and data security. In some cases providing a positive net return to our clients.

Data Centre Decommissioning

In some cases where there is still considerable residual value in equipment we are able to remarket your equipment.
IT E-Waste provides coordinated and efficient on time services for the planning and decommissioning of retired IT assets in Data Centers.
Our team manages the entire process and ensures all assets are properly recorded and tracked and all data is destroyed accordingly whilst providing environmentally responsible reuse or recycling of retired equipment

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