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Most companies throughout their life refresh IT equipment, however are unsure how to dispose of the obsolete equipment.
IT equipment should never be disposed of in the general rubbish, where it ends up in landfill. Furthermore most equipment can be recycled at a component level and contains substances that could potentially leech into environment if not disposed of correctly.

IT E-Waste provides easy and cost effective solution to equipment disposal and data security. In some cases providing a positive net return to our clients.

Data Destruction

IT E-Waste provides a secure & simple solution for the issue of data security. We understand that data is paramount to your business, and likewise so is the destruction.  
We wipe and/or physically destroy all drives as part of our standard operating procedure, however we also provide options which clients may wish to consider:  

  • 3 pass DOD wipe. This process employs a US Department of Defense secure wiping procedure.
  • Onsite physical destruction
  • Tape destruction

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