Tips for Recycling E-waste

January 1st , 1970


E-waste or electronic waste keeps increasing time to time in our surroundings. It is everyone’s concerns especially the electronics consumers to take a real action in minimizing the effect of e-waste.

Definition of Electronic Waste and Tips to recycle it

Electronic Waste is usually called as E-waste. It is electronic devices which are old enough, outdated or cannot function well as it used to. It becomes e-waste whenever the owner purchased a newer version of electronics and left the old one unused. These electronics include video games, computer printers, VCR players and other electronic devices.

Instead of throwing out the electronics directly to landfill or any other places, there are several tips that can be done in order to prevent the increasing number of electronic waste. Here are the tips:

  • Look for family, friends or neighbors that maybe need the old electronics because there is possibility others may find it functional.
  • Try to sell the old electronic devices on eBay or any other places and platforms if the devices are still functioning well
  • Try to giveaway the old electronics to organization such as community that maybe need the electronics
  • The last choice of the tips is recycling the e-waste
  • It is important to find a way to make these e-wastes do not contribute to a larger number of e-waste in our environment.