Every unnatural i.e. inorganic waste objects, will cause new problems that would affect the human health and the nature of the ecosystem. The toxic materials that are found in electronic waste (E-Waste) is becoming a very serious issue for the nation.

The E-Waste that is being thrown into open areas or landfills would bring about danger and destruction towards the environment due to the contamination the harmful materials of the waste objects. Based on the statement of Environment Victoria and Total Environment Inc. on the report “Tipping Point: Australia’s E-Waste Crisis/2009/Update” the materials found in E-Waste would result in severe effects.


Many years ago, the scientists havegone over the fact that Lead is one of the most toxic materials that could affect human health by bringing upon defacing effects on the human brain. This toxic material commonly found in paint (in the olden days) and petrol which if it contaminates the water and soil system, would result in disrupting the ecosystem of the environment.


A toxic material that is commonly found in light-bulbs, thus once it is broken and sent away with normal trash to the landfills the mercury would easily contaminate the environment by the waste transfer process. It is much more dangerous when it contaminates the soil with the organic material as it will react causing a highly toxic, methylmercury that would be spread in the land due to anaerobic breakdown process.


The effect of cadmium once combined with the soil would rapidly degrade the health of the soil and once it is burnt, toxic pollutants would be releasedinto the atmosphere and contaminate the air. One of the seriouscons of cadmium is that it could lead to causecancer in human beings.

Brominated Flame Retardants

The bromine will be discharged once the E-Waste is oxidized amid refining. At that moment, it would form into Brominated dioxins and furans under the specific conditions in smelter emissions, on which when the un-oxidized carbon recombines with the discharged bromine.


Beryllium would be a danger for respiration due to the human carcinogen. It will cause chronic lung disorder that is more commonly known as berylliosis.


A toxic material that categorizes as the human carcinogen.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC material that contains in E-Waste could melt then produce the harmful chemical additives and contaminate the environment.

All those toxic materials could be prevented by simply recycling waste, thus it will not cause any problems or harmful effects on human lives and the environment. By taking serious action on considering about E-Waste, we could save the future generations and give them the clean and healthy environment to live in.

As we do care for a better future, IT E-Waste has fully committed to help the nation avoid the dangers of E-Waste by increasing recycling process facilities that are already available. Almost about 95% to 98% from the materials collected have been recycled by our company.

We are consistent in our job and are proud of our professionalism, fast paced and our reliability. IT E-Waste offers you a very easy method that requires you to submit all the waste that you have been collected to the recycling facility.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are aware of the environment and want us to help you to recycle E-Waste or rubbish removal.IT E-Waste, 1300 48 5865

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