IT E-Waste Sydney for electronic waste and computer recycling IT E-Waste is a Sydney-based e-waste collection and recycling service that actively support the reduction of e-waste in landfill and export as many as possible. There are a lot of metals including mercury and lead that still remain buried...
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E-Waste Statistics of Australia

January 1st , 1970

All of old technologies that fill our garage in home are E-waste. They can be possibly broken, out of date or old version such as old model mobile phones, computers and microwaves. As technology is frequently upgraded time-t- time, E-waste keeps increasing and computers are the major contributor...
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Recycling Process of E-waste

March 1st , 2017

The process of the recycle begins with the organized collection by the owner with one of the sales team. In two hour the driver will arrive based on the agreement and will confirm whether or not the owner is ready with the collection. Before the collections load to...
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