Recycle Computer Monitors – Why is it important?

January 1st , 1970

With the fast growth of technology, the computer monitors have become the most popular devices yet with affordable prices. The reality, more than 1.6 million computers in landfill, 1.8 million in storage and 5.3 million are widely spreading over the market since 2006. From those number above, only 500,000 recycled (in Australia), hence, no wonder that computer monitors form a large part of E-Waste as a new product flow into homes.

However,most people choose to dispose their E-waste like their old computer monitors in unpleasant way rather than recycle them.

It is simply because some people do not understand that the material compositions in computer monitors which including plastics, glass and metals (mostly lead) are toxic to the environment and the impact of this waste disposal will also affect the humanity.

The monitors composed approximately 6% by lead with a 5% recyclable efficiency.

Then, E-Waste including computer monitors give a 40% of lead that found in landfills. Despite, the effect of lead poisoning is significantly shown by the human, it can also affect the plants, soil and animals.

Besides the lead, another material called cadmium is also a toxic which has irreversible health effects. Even it forms less than 0.1% of your old monitors but when the disposal of whilst cadmium in the landfill, it will accumulate.

In each year, approximately 22% of human exposure to mercury is attributed solely to electronics.

As known that, mercury is also part of monitors composition which account for 0.1% of the monitors weight. But, this small percentage may put us in danger if it is through inappropriately disposing because mercury often enters water sources and it may also have absorbed by the living things in its surrounding. Then, finally it will pass as a toxic for human.

You may very busy with your hectic daily activities and you may choose the easiest way to dispose your E-waste like throwing your old computer monitor out with the trash. However, it is important to take steps and considering environmentally friendly way to dispose your E-waste because it will decrease the pollution made by your E-waste. You an contact IT E-Waste

Take care your E-waste effectively is the best decision for the environment and the living things within it, including the human.