Organising an E-waste Collection for Local Community in Australia

January 1st , 1970

Christmas is the most common time for us, as consumers to be a little bit insane in purchasing everything that we need for the celebration, especially electrical goods. We maybe want to purchase our children a new PlayStation or give our relatives an updated gadget, like iPhone. However, what about all the outdated gadgets or electronics that we are replacing? They maybe will be forgotten and end up only in a drawer or garage.

Then, as we are going to step on the opening gate of the New Year and it is time to begin pondering our New Years’ Resolution. Will you hit the sack like previous year? Or maybe you are thinking to do something different and you have decided to take up what you are passionate in or just have a change towards your life. Whatever your objectives for the New Year of 2017, have you think about how to deal with your electronic waste? How to dispose it differently?

Begin the steps in this New Year as you mean to go – recycling your electronic waste.

You may be got a yearly offer for electronic waste collection, but sometimes when you miss it, you will tend to get confuse how to dispose your E-Waste. Then, as last choice you will simply throw it in trash without much thinking on what will be the after effect of your action.

However, there is another simple and better option for you which is at IT E-Waste. At IT E- Waste, we offer an electronic waste collection and recycling service for both commercial and residential customers. We mean to divert 95-98% of E-Waste that we collected from landfill by tearing the electronic items into their core components. We are not only aim to rescue the valuable materials that compose the electronic waste but we also preventing them to be a hazardous chemical waste that can put our health at risk and damage the environment.

In proportional with this, there is a paradigm by most people that recycling E-Waste can be profitable for the company to extract the metals and plastics and sell them, but the truth is inverted. Meanwhile, in reality,the cost of material inside E-Waste is cheaper than the cost for a proper recycling method. Hence, for this reason we have a charge for our services which cover both of the service to collect your E-Waste and recycling them.

Together, we can achieve more – share your word and save your money by getting your community involve in handling E-Waste in your current home

Spread the words toward your community to get them involve in handling electronic waste for a better life in the future. Once you share it among your friends, family or beloved ones, you will help the future generation in controlling the pollution made by your E-Waste. Gather with your family and friends to organize a community E-Waste collection in order to decrease the inappropriate E-Waste disposal. This will significantly bring down your cost and be a great opportunity to unite with your community rather than you choose to be alone in handling your E-Waste recycling. Just simply hit the phone and press 1300 48 5865 for a complete list of our prices and organize a collection time that suits you. Together we can achieve more.

A New Resolution in 2017 – IT E-Waste: Australia’s leading electronic waste company

At IT E-Waste we are dedicated about diverting as much electronic waste from landfill as possible. We are encouraging you to spread the word about an environmentally friendly easy for disposing your electronic waste and make a New Year’s resolution as you mean to go on.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at IT E-Waste.