The issue that is concentrated on in the previous article is on Fake E-Waste Recycling, which talks about the fake recycling companies that illegally export the electronic waste that is causing harm to public health and the environment.

Our E-Waste is an easy way to avoid the damage. Besides that, we are helping society’s economy aspects by providing the employment opportunities for the areas where the needy are abundant. However, in recent reports for PBS, which states that the loss of illegal exporting is closer. This report suggested to the criminal organizations in Ghana “comb through”, the electronic waste exported from U.S. and U.K. from hard drive. Next, they are able to obtain personal data from their internal memories to steal your identities.

Be Aware, exporting E-Waste leaves your personal information in danger.

What do you think about E-Waste in overseas? How about China’s E-Waste? You must know that the rise of the issue on identity theft can easily backfire, especially in online facilities. Common daily uses such as, online banking, internet shopping, tax returns, social networking, and many others require personal information which will then be stored in the computer’s hard drive. Thus, it must be necessary to ensure that the data enclosed in the hard drive is destroyed in order to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.It is important to know that simply deleting the files from computers is not sufficient to protect the data or get rid of it, we must make sure that the items of data are physically destroyed in a secure environment. In addition, to avoid something that can cause us to be deceived by fraudulent recycling companies, we must keep facing forward and be much more prepared when disposing of the E-Waste. In recent news, there are some cases reported about fraudulent recycling companies within Australia. It proves that we must be cautions for our E-Waste.

Free E-Waste collections? Who’s really paying?

Do you think that having your E-Waste collected for free of charge is ideal? The Electronics Take Back Coalition will give you warns, if recycling company offers us to collect or accept the E-Waste for free. Thus, you can assume that it will be sent overseas. It’s not really true – for example, television sets will contain valuable parts of our E-Waste that are valuable to the recycler. In fact, the cost for recycling the parts of the old analogue televisions will be far more valuable than the value for the whole set. Then, “Fake” recycles can get paid to export those televisions to a range of countries, mainly China and India. So, if you’re feeling free for your E-Waste collection, just make sure to find out who they are.

Which one you prefer?

Upon encountering someone that collects your E-Waste, you can come across companies that are looking to refurbish or resell your E-Waste. It is one way to have your E-Waste reaching the land fills as there is no guarantee that it has already ended up there. If you allow the companies to refurbish or resell old hard drives and laptops, it still leaves you vulnerable to the dangers of identity theft and fraud. Just make sure that the recycling companies of yours use are accredited and plan on physical destruction of your E-Waste.

IT E-Waste is Australia’s leading E-Waste collection and recycling service. We are passionate about diverting as much electronic equipment from the landfills. We believe that the concept of recycling will be a way of extending the life of valuable materials in an effective and efficient way. The E-Waste that we collect is recycled within Australia. We never send your E-Waste overseas in terms of illegal exports of E-Waste to Third World Countries. The costs are also included in services and recycling too.

Between 95%up until 98%, by weight, from all valuable materials will be recycled as soon as possible. Do not worry! We keep it professional, fast paced, and trusted. Let’s collect your E-Waste and send it to us, to our recycling facility. We will serve the best for you!

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