E-Waste Statistics of Australia

January 1st , 1970


All of old technologies that fill our garage in home are E-waste. They can be possibly broken, out of date or old version such as old model mobile phones, computers and microwaves. As technology is frequently upgraded time-t- time, E-waste keeps increasing and computers are the major contributor to E-waste numbers. Australia is one of the countries that have a shocking number of e-wastes. In 2006, there were 500,000 computers recycled in Australia but the shocking part is there were 1.6 million others thrown away, 1.8 million stays in storage and 5.3 million remain unused. Besides, 2.4 million brand-new computers are purchased by Australians every year. It is a soon to be an additional number for e-waste in Australia.

Furthermore, there is one specific electronic product that will most likely contribute to a large number of e-wastes soon. It is television. As digital signals are way more improved now, the analog signals are left behind. In 2010-2011, Australia already promoted advertisements to encourage people to change to digital signals within the given deadline. It obviously will make people who can afford new television will purchase digital television soon. This issue is not simply for Australia only, e-waste is a problem for the world as electronics contribute large waste in environment worldwide. In order to limit bad impacts to environment, all need to start apply the accurate disposal method for electronics waste (E-waste).