Computer Recycling and Ewaste of Sydney

January 1st , 1970

IT E-Waste Sydney for electronic waste and computer recycling

IT E-Waste is a Sydney-based e-waste collection and recycling service that actively support the reduction of e-waste in landfill and export as many as possible. There are a lot of metals including mercury and lead that still remain buried in landfill. It is not environmentally good as it has toxins that can pollute the soil and water system. It is dangerous for both environment and humans.

IT E-Waste comes with a solution for reliable, fast and professional recycling service. The owner of the e-waste can just wait their collections to be picked up from his or her door and it will be passed to private recycling facilities. The result of the recycle can be also reused. IT E-Waste has accredited electronic waste recyclers that ensures the quality of electronic waste’s safe disposal.

IT E-Waste is Sydney-based E-waste Collection and Computer Recyclers company that dedicated their activities including eCycle to make Sydney stays beautiful for the next generation. It sues WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) system in recycling the e-waste. It is a good option to recycle e-waste as a lot of Sydney councils do not have recycling facilities for e-waste and a place for e-waste disposals.