Computer Recycling and Ewaste of Melbourne

January 1st , 1970

IT E-Waste Melbourne for electronic waste and computer recycling

IT E-Waste is a major e-waste collection and recycling service in Melbourne. It focuses the activities in reducing the number of electronic waste (e-waste) that buried in landfill in Melbourne. It also tries to do overseas export if possible. We can still find computers and other e-wastes which contain a lot of metals such as mercury and lead buried in landfill. These metals contain dangerous toxins and can harm environment and humans once they polluted the soil and water system. IT E-Waste is a solution for this problem. It provides professional reliable and fast e-waste recycling service. It will collect the e-waste from the owner’s door. The collections will then pass to private recycling facilities and the result of the recycle can also be reused.


Definition of E-waste

E-wastes are all electronics that are either old or cannot function well again. It includes all kind of electronics such as microwaves, fridges, mobile phones and computers. In order to create sustainable future, these e-wastes need to be disposed and the appropriate disposal system needs to be conducted.

Certified, Safe and Environmentally Friendly E-waste Recycling

IT E-Waste uses electronic waste recyclers that are certified. It shows that the electronic waste disposal is safe. IT E-Waste provides e-waste recycling service that helps to make Melbourne remains beautiful for the next generation. It conducts eCycle by using WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) system. It is a good solution for e-waste problems as a lot of Melbourne councils do not provide place for electronic waste disposals and facilities to recycle e-waste