Since a long time, computers have been involved in the lives of people around the world for many various reasons as they exist in many different forms, whether it is personal computers (PC) or microwaves, calculators, whatever it may be. Because of this, computer shave become a very significant symbol in the lives of human beings; however, technological advancement makes those computers face extinction i.e. rarely used. As there are much better computer devices to be used.Thus, we must consider about the huge waste pile that occurs as a result.

According to the Environment Protection and Heritage Council, there are 15.7 million of computers that are falling down. Taking a look in Australia (2007-2008) it can be seen that from 15.7 million of computers, only 1.5 million were recycled while 14.2 million ended up in the landfill. In addition, computers contain harmful toxic components such as mercury and lead that will bring them to dissolve into the environment.As of now, these harmful toxins result in affecting men, women, and children.

How we can decide?
The wrong way of computer disposal will happen

if many people do not have a sense of awareness about harmful toxins in computers or knowledge on recycling and helping the environment. It seems that the people are oblivious to helping the environment. Usually, they only put their computers that are not used anymore into normal waste and of course, this will end up in landfill. Other than that, many people as well as the company also think that it’s good to sell or give their computers that can be used to the others for the future, for example they will export the computers to developing countries. Where in fact, their intentions were only to get rid of these electronic waste issues (computers) to communities because they do not need anymore. In recent reports, Exporting Harm: the Techno-Trashing of Asia stated that in Guiyu, China has been affected by pollution from electronic waste.

The right way of computer disposal will happen

if more people used the facilities of electronic waste recycling. Currently, these facilities have already advanced significantly. It can recycle between 95% up to 98%, by weight. Because of this, the computers will become and receive into secondary raw materials. This recycling is not only saving the environment from harmful toxins components as well as export, but also reduces for use and mining of primary raw materials, which can be seen as being a more sustainable method.

Let’s action for being collected and recycled!

IT E-Waste is Australia’s leading E-Waste collection and recycling service. We are passionate about diverting as much electronic equipment from landfill. We believe that the concept of recycling will be extending the life of valuable materials in effective and efficient way. Between 95% up to 98%, by weight, from all valuable materials will be recycled as soon as possible. Do not worry! We are professionals, fast paced, and trusted. Let’s collect your E-Waste and send it to us, to our recycling facility. We will serve the best for you!

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