How to protect your electronic waste from “FAKE” recyclers?

The issue that is concentrated on in the previous article is on Fake E-Waste Recycling, which talks about the fake recycling companies that illegally export the electronic waste that is causing harm to public health and the environment. Our E-Waste is an easy way to avoid the damage. Besides that, we are helping society’s economy […]

Computer Disposal –the Wrong Way and the Right Way

Since a long time, computers have been involved in the lives of people around the world for many various reasons as they exist in many different forms, whether it is personal computers (PC) or microwaves, calculators, whatever it may be. Because of this, computer shave become a very significant symbol in the lives of human […]

Easy and Quick Tips for E-Waste Disposal

Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles take most of our time and sometimes we will not consider things that significantly impact our life, for example E-Waste. Usually, people just throw their electronic devices with the rest of rubbish in the trash rather than consider about recycling or better way to dispose their E-Waste. This phenomenon may […]

The Human Life and Environment Threatened by The Harmful Material in E-Waste

Every unnatural i.e. inorganic waste objects, will cause new problems that would affect the human health and the nature of the ecosystem. The toxic materials that are found in electronic waste (E-Waste) is becoming a very serious issue for the nation. The E-Waste that is being thrown into open areas or landfills would bring about […]

How will be E-Waste in the landfill?

Growing with this digital era may sometimes make us become a crazy customer in collecting electronics devices (e.g. cameras, handphone, laptops, televisions, etc.). Often, we will try to replace our outdated devices in every time the new version appears. Those outdated electronics will be your E-Waste (electronic waste) and you usually don’t think much on […]

Recycle Computer Monitors – Why is it important?

With the fast growth of technology, the computer monitors have become the most popular devices yet with affordable prices. The reality, more than 1.6 million computers in landfill, 1.8 million in storage and 5.3 million are widely spreading over the market since 2006. From those number above, only 500,000 recycled (in Australia), hence, no wonder […]

Organising an E-waste Collection for Local Community in Australia

Christmas is the most common time for us, as consumers to be a little bit insane in purchasing everything that we need for the celebration, especially electrical goods. We maybe want to purchase our children a new PlayStation or give our relatives an updated gadget, like iPhone. However, what about all the outdated gadgets or […]

E-Waste Statistics of Australia

All of old technologies that fill our garage in home are E-waste. They can be possibly broken, out of date or old version such as old model mobile phones, computers and microwaves. As technology is frequently upgraded time-t- time, E-waste keeps increasing and computers are the major contributor to E-waste numbers. Australia is one of […]